The Scheduling Institute is a private dental consulting firm created to assist dentists in coming up with effective business strategy. It was founded by Jay Geier in 1997 and over the years it has become the trusted name in practice management consulting firm. It does not only service dentists but as well as all people working in the private medical practice.

Scheduling Institute helps all the way

Do you oversee the operation of your business? Do you find the process exhausting? Well, you are not alone. Many dentists find it stressful overseeing the business operation. They find it difficult to maintain a balance between life and work. Handling staff, looking after the welfare of patients, and spending quality time with the family are three tough jobs. The Scheduling Institute is aware of the day to day struggles faced by many dentists today. Hence, Geier and his team have come up with the organizing principle that helps transform your business operation into something better.

The Scheduling Institute will evaluate your current business organizing system and will do changes when deemed necessary. The primary goal of SI is to improve the way your business functions thereby improving your overall business revenue.

Products and services

Over the years, the Scheduling Institute continues to soar high. It has introduced various products, which aim to improve further the business operation. It has also improved its services. Today, it is not Scheduling Institute Teamjust a dental consulting firm, but an institute that offers training, seminars, workshops, coaching events to dentists and dental team across the world, and suggesting solutions to basic problems faced by dentists.

One of the famous products offered by the Scheduling Institute is the “New Patient Generation System.” This is a system introduced by Jay Geier, which aims to help dentists increase the number of patients generated every single day. Geier strongly believes that the patients are the lifeblood of every dental practice. Not hitting the daily client target could mean losing the business. The “New Patient Generation System” gives emphasis on the role played by dental staff, especially the front desk staff.

About 98% of patients call the dental office to make inquiries and eventually set for an appointment. When the patient calls the office, it is the front desk staff that handles the calls and creates the first impression. An inquiry call can only be converted to actual patients if the caller is satisfied with the way the staff handles calls. A research made by Jay Geier showed that many potential clients are lost every single day because of the staff’s incompetent way of handling calls. This will not only lead to loss of patients but as well as loss of income. To address this problem, Geier has come up with a telephone training program, which aims to improve the conversational skills of every dental staff, especially the ones assigned to the front desk. Aside from telephone training, Geier and his team of certified dental specialists fly across the country to conduct on-site training for the dental team that needs it the most.